Social Event & Guided Tour DLR Bonn

Social event Get together (03 July 2018)

┬ę Hotels in Bonn

Join us for the welcome reception┬áat Hotel Zur Post, K├Ânigswinterer Str. 309, 53227 Bonn.
ODAS 2018 participants-only watching of Football World Cup 2018 (Germany vs.tbc)


Guided tour at DLR site Cologne, Dinner (04 July 2018)

The officers should have your name on the list of visitors already. However, you still need to show your valid passport for both locations to them. So please, have it ready. When you receive your batch, please wear the batch visibly.

A guided tour at DLR site in Cologne will be offered on Wednesday afternoon July 4, 2018.


ESA European Astronaut Center (EAC):

The European Astronaut Centre is the centre for astronaut selection, training and medical support. The EAC prepares and implements the training sections for astronauts on missions to the International Space Station ISS. It is also the headquarters and the home base for European astronauts.


:envihab - the Institute of Aerospace Medicine:

The Institute of Aerospace Medicine conducts research to promote the health and performance of people in a mobile society. Its activities focus on life science problems in the areas of spaceflight, aviation and transport. Space medicine investigates basic functions of the human body in the absence of gravity. Interventions are developed to counteract the adverse effects of weightlessness on the human body, such as the loss of bone and muscle. In the research facility  :envihab (environment+habitat) scientists can study the impact of extreme environmental conditions on humans and develop appropriate countermeasures.

Microgravity User Support Center (MUSC):

The Microgravity User Support Centre (MUSC) prepares, oversees and evaluates experiments conducted under reduced-gravity conditions. Its tasks include certifying the flight readiness of space experiments and operating specific ground infrastructure for monitoring and control of space-flight payloads.


Dinner at the Luftwaffenkaserne Wahn

The conference dinner will take place in the evening of Wednesday July 4, 2018.

┬ę Bundeswehr Luftwaffenkaserne Wahn


A shuttlebus will transfer the participants from the conference site to DLR/ESA site in Cologne for a guided tour there. The same bus will bring the group to Bundeswehr Cologne, OHG after it.In the end of the programme you will be transfered to your booked hotel in Bonn. The estimated departure time to the hotels: 10/10:30 pm

All conference delegates are invited enjoying the barbeque ÔÇô it will serve as a good opportunity to meet and network with colleagues.



Participants are expected to attend the social program including dinner.
Registration is required for both the social program (obligatory participation) and the guided tour (optional participation).