ODAS Award

The "ODAS Award 2018" will be delivered to the "Best paper prepared and presented by a Young Scientist", considering its technical content and scientific argumentation, its clarity and originality (including innovation aspects) and the quality of its oral presentation. The eligibility criteria for this award are:

  1.     the main author should be from ONERA or DLR
  2.     the combined number of authors from ONERA and/or DLR shall not exceed three (3) authors
  3.     there is no limitation regarding the number of additional authors from other companies / institutions,
  4.     all ONERA and DLR authors have to be less than 35 years old by the final day of ODAS 2018. In other words,  the authors have to be born on 06.07.1983 or after.

Papers which do not meet all of these criteria can still be submitted to ODAS. However, they will not be eligible for the award.